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New challenges; new position
(And abandonned again here)

For those who might want to know:

Since the unexpected and quite strong arrival of former SL/CUT member David C. Lewis on the radar of Ascended Master devotees as an alleged Messenger, and since the growing presence of other interesting claimants to Messengership, I feel compelled to take a step back and live for a while with the two inter-related questions: Who brings the Truth? How do we know?

Practically speaking this means that I will give up my affiliation with The Temple of the Presence and my membership in the Torch Bearers of the Temple organization. This does not mean that I think that Carolyn and Monroe Shearer are not the genuine messengers of the Brotherhood, but only that I will, for the time being, take an agnostic position. I know that the Masters do not like any of us sitting on the fence, but for me, at this moment, it is a matter of reculer pour mieux sauter (step back to better jump).

Govert Schuller
Carol Stream
December 25, 2005

The above position has been abandoned as of 2012. For updated one go here.

For more on these organizations, visit their own web sites:

The Temple of the Presence
Founded by Monroe and Carolyn Shearer in 1995.

Ask the Real Jesus and Shangra-la
Founded respectively by Kim Michaels and Lorraine Michaels in 2002 (As of 2009 both have gone their own way).

New Wisdom University
Founded by Marsha Covington in 2003.

The Hearts Center
Founded by David Lewis in 2005.



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