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The Masters and Their Emissaries: From H.P.B. to Guru Ma and Beyond.
Pamphlet by Govert Schuller, which traces the lineage of the Masters' emissaries in chronological order.

The State of the TS (Adyar) in 2008: A Psycho-esoteric Interpretation. Article by Govert Schuller arguing that Adyar Theosophists are still suffering from a variation of post-traumatic stress disorder triggered by the failed world teacher project with Krishnamurti.

Introduction by Cyril Scott
From David Anrias' Through the Eyes of the Masters. A great introduction to Theosophy and the existence and work of the Masters.

Theosophy as a Political Movement
Illuminating article by political scientist Mark Bevir on the role Theosophy played as a Neo-Hindu reform movement and its influence on Indian nationalist ideology and politics.

Annie Besant's Quest for Truth: Christianity, Secularism, and New Age Thought. Article by political scientist Mark Bevir. "This essay examines the intellectual coherence of Annie Besant's life in such a way as to explore the rise of New Age thought in its relation to the Victorian crisis of faith."

The West Turns Eastward: Madame Blavatsky and the Transformation of the Occult Tradition. Article by political scientist Mark Bevir. "This essay examines, first, the way in which Madame Blavatsky transformed the occult tradition in response to the Victorian crisis of faith, and, second, the interpenetration of her occultism with her particular interpretations of Buddhism and Hinduism."

The Consolation of Theosophy
By Frederick C. Crews. Review/essay for The New York Review of Books of Peter Washington's Madame Blavatsky's Baboon. An incisive, skeptical (but balanced) take on Blavatsky and Theosophy, and an important example of the view on these subjects from cultured academia. Including a short discussion with K. Paul Johnson.

A spirited story of the psychic and the Colonel : Henry Steel Olcott had expected to scoff at Madame Blavatsky's séance, but he stayed on to help found The Theosophical Society. Article by Edward Hower for the Smithsonian.

In Search of 'Shambha-la' and the Aryan Lamas: The Tibet images of the theosophists, occultists, Nazis and neo-Nazis
By Dr. Martin Brauen. Chapter from Dreamworld Tibet: Western Illusions.

The Theosophical Society and Labour and National Movements in Indonesia, 1913-1918. Article by Herman de Tollenaere. Short paper on the relationship between Theosophists and political movements in Indonesia.

The limits of liberalism and of Theosophy:colonial Indonesia and the German Weimar republic, 1918-1933. Article by Herman de Tollenaere "... about parallels and links to, and differences with, the religio-philosophical tendency of Theosophy" and political liberalism.

Marx and Engels on Spiritualism and Theosophy. Article by Herman de Tollenaere for Theosophical History. Short paper on how Theosphists and Marxists saw each other.


Krishnamurti and the World Teacher Project: Some Theosophical Perceptions. Paper by Govert
Schuller on the many different ways Krishnamurti was evaluated by different Theosophical writers.

Krishnamurti: An Esoteric View of his Teachings
Pamphlet by Govert Schuller. A metaphysical critique of Krishnamurti's philosophy.

What really happened to J. Krishnamurti?
Article by Bill Keidan shedding some more light on Geoffrey Hodson's perception of Krishnamurti.

Revelation or Realization: The Conflict in Theosophy 
By J.J. van der Leeuw. Pamphlet on the crisis in the Theosophical Society caused by Krishnamurti's dissolution of the Order of the Star.

Scott & Anrias

Cyril Scott: 'The Father of British Modern Music'
chapter from David Tame's The Secret Power of Music. A short study on this British composer and writer.

The Scott and Anrias Material in my Historical Situatedness
History of personal involvement in the Krishnamurti-Scott-Anrias issue.

Jean Overton Fuller, Master Narayan, and the Krishnamurti-Scott-Anrias Issue. Article by Govert Schuller in Theosophical History about a relatively unknown but quite important Theosophical master and his alleged identification by Jean Overton Fuller. All in the context of the Krishnamurti-Scott-Anrias issue, which is about two Englishmen passing on contested Mahatmic evaluations of the metaphysical status of Krishnamurti and the esoteric soundness of his teachings.

Esoteric History

Centennial Efforts and Counter-Efforts of the Millennium
An esoteric interpretation of the last millennium of western history.

The Theosophical Society in Western History: A Study in Cycles
Article by John R. Wilkinson originally published in The Theosophist 51/9 (June 30, 1930). Full text with annotations.

Messengers and Organizations: Successes and Crises
A skeletal presentation by Govert Schuller of some research done on the dynamics of the coming and going of messengers and its interaction with the organizations founded to carry their message.

Theosophy as a Political Movement
Illuminating article by political scientist Mark Bevir on the role Theosophy played as a Neo-Hindu reform movement and its influence on Indian nationalist ideology and politics.

The Priory of Sion Hoax
Article by Robert Richardson exposing possible French extreme right-wing forces behind the Priory of Sion myth. A plausible answer to the many questions raised by the bestseller Holy Blood, Holy Grail. Originally published in Gnosis, no. 51 (Spring 1999).

The Secret of Rennes-le-Château
Article by Robert Richardson focusing on "the odd lives of several generations of local priests; ancient traditions in the area; and oddities of the local landscape."

Dream of the Sages
Inspiring article by Robert Richardson about the influence of esoteric groups from Pharaoic Egypt till Renaissance Europe with a very strong paragraph on the influence of the Knights Templar. Originally published in New Dawn No. 64 (January-February 2001).

Secret Tradition of Islam
lluminating article by Life Science Fellowship on the esoteric side of Islam, the Sufis and its influence on European esoteric writers and organizations. Originally published in New Dawn, No. 48 (July-August 1998).

The Priory of Sion Secret and The DaVinci Code
Article by Robert Richardson on the "illusory society" the Priory of Sion, its roots in Ultra-Traditionalist Catholicism and its efforts to take over the esoteric scene by way of a compelling, though fabricated, overarching narrative.

Empirical method in the study of esotericism
By Wouter Hanegraaff. Making a case along phenomenological lines against reductionists and religionists alike that the empirical method is metaphysically neutral by employing methodological agnosticism.

Some Remarks on the Study of Western Esotericism
By Wouter J. Hanegraaff. A short introduction to the emerging academic study of western esotericism, and some problems related to it. (Print version; Word-format)

Historian as Heretic: Conflicting Perspectives on Theosophical History. By K. Paul Johnson. A thoughtful assesment of the methodology applied in the author's controversial historical investigation of the ontological status of Theosophy's Masters.

On Popes, Phenomenology and HPB
By Govert Schuller. Short article on Karol Wojtyla, the late Pope John Paul II, and his interest in phenomenology and the allegation that he was influenced by Theosophy.

Pope John Paul II meditating on the Tarot?
By Govert Schuller. Short article digging into the pope's possible interest for the esoteric masterwork Meditations on the Tarot.

Bibracte: Last Center of Celtic Occultism
By Govert Schuller. Short article on Blavatsky's perception of this Celtic stronghold and the author's own connection with it.

Academe and Esotericism: The Problem of Authority
Talk presented by Richard Smoley at the Association for the Study of Esotericism at Davis, California in June 2006. The author makes the case that academicians are unnecessarily reticent in partaking of experiences enabled by the esoteric tradition. It is as if, he states, academia is collecting and classifying all printed works about wine, but never venturing into tasting it and have a first-hand experience of its many facets.

Debunking a New Age Myth-A Call for Discernment
Article by Govert Schuller on Jim Kenney's lecture at The Theosophical Society on the questionable nature of the 2012 phenomenon.

Enchanted Modernities: Theosophy and the arts in the modern world. Conference, Amsterdam 25-27 September, 2013. Report by L. Harris.
"The conference was organised by Dr Sarah Turner, Dr Marco Pasi, Dr Christopher Scheer and Katie Jane Tyreman of the Enchanted Modernities network (a new research site), in collaboration with the University of Amsterdam’s Centre for the History of Hermetic Philosophy and Related Currents (HHP)".

Ascended Masters

Beyond Guru Ma: New challenges; new position
Temporary positioning of the editor in the Ascended Master movement. Replaces the former "Statement about The Temple of the Presence."

The Masters and Their Emissaries: From H.P.B. to Guru Ma and Beyond. Pamphlet by Govert Schuller tracing the lineage of the Masters' emissaries in chronological order.

An Introduction to Ascended Master Teachings with Comparisons to Vedanta. Article by David Tame laying out some relatively new Ascended Master concepts, for example the Ascension and the I AM Presence, and making comparisons with Vedic concepts like Samadhi and Atman.

When Scholars Know Sin: Alternative Religions and Their Academic Supporters. Paper by by Stephen A. Kent and Theresa Krebs addressing the moral and methodological issues involved when scholars get too close to their subject of study, for example J. R. Lewis and J. Gordon Melton's study Church Universal and Triumphant In Scholarly Perspective.

Denouement of the Prophets’ Cult: The Church Universal and Triumphant in Decline. Article by Joseph P. Szimhart. Critical account by ex-member with historical overview, including the group's roots in Theosophy, the I AM movement, Agni Yoga and other esoteric organizations.


The Abiding Threat: The Ongoing Validity of the Angleton-Golytsin Thesis. Introduced and edited by Govert Schuller. Collection of sources looking into the long-term strategy of the hidden China-Russia alliance and US misperceptions.

George [H.] Bush, Skull & Bones and the New World Order
By Paul Goldstein and Jeffrey Steinberg. Important geopolitical analysis, especially as Skull & Bones member George W. Bush was US president.

The Abiding Communist Threat in its Open and Hidden Manifestations. Article by Govert Schuller on the strategic threat of a hidden long-term Sino-Russian alliance.

War and Truth I (1/6/03): Iraq; the War on Terrorism; 9/11; the Council on Foreign Relations; Huntington's "Clash of Civilizations"; the Media

War and Truth II (2/11/03): Powell at the UN; Blair's plagiarism; US and British intelligence; Questioning the Iraqi-Al Qaeda connection; Skull & Bones

War and Truth III (3/17/03): More on Powell; Politicized inteligence; Strategic analysis; The Israeli Connection; Brzezinski's geopolitics; dissenting opinion

War and Truth IV (1/24/04): "Uncovered: The Whole Truth about the Iraq War" DVD; Official propaganda; Overlapping political analyses from a liberal, a conservative and a libertarian; The Neocons; Chalmers Johnson on US Imperialism

What happened on 9/11? (and continued)
The hole in the Pentagon. Why did WTC 7 collapse? Who flew the planes? Who had foreknowledge? Controlled demolition of WTC 1 and 2?

Dossier on the Economy
Collection of articles and videos on the economy and the dangerous state it is in. With in-depth analyses of its causes, solutions and its role in the overall scheme of manipulations.


The Relevance of Phenomenology for Theosophy. Article by Govert Schuller making the case that the insights and ideas as developed within the phenomenological movement will find fruitful application in Theosophy.

The Seven Theosophical Principles: An Initial Experiential Grounding in Reflective Experience. Small essay by Govert Schuller using some philosophical concepts to add an experiential dimension to the seven Theosophical principles.




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