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Alpheus in New Format (January 2014)

As of January 2014 the main activities of this web site will be conducted on the Wordpress blog section. The opening pages and posts are:

Welcome to the updated Alpheus
Introduction to the changed format and content of Alpheus.

About Alpheus (Amended)
Revised statement about its intentions.

The Jaynesian Paradigm and Beyond (Draft)
First article/blog taking Julian Jaynes' definition of consciousness as an entry point into a reconsideration of esoteric philosophy and the teachings of Krishnamurti.

Entertaining, Type-II Error-prone, Axiomatic Skepticism: An Incomplete Form of Systemic Doubt
A justification of conspiracy theory based on evolutionary psychology by way of criticizing a problematic skeptical position. (Released earlier on the 'old' Alpheus).

Added December 2013

Enchanted Modernities: Theosophy and the arts in the modern world. Conference, Amsterdam 25-27 September, 2013. Report by L. Harris.
"The conference was organised by Dr Sarah Turner, Dr Marco Pasi, Dr Christopher Scheer and Katie Jane Tyreman of the Enchanted Modernities network (a new research site), in collaboration with the University of Amsterdam’s Centre for the History of Hermetic Philosophy and Related Currents (HHP)".

Entertaining, Type-II Error-prone, Axiomatic Skepticists:
A Pleasant but Naive Mutation of Skepticism
. Review of: "The Perks of Paranoia" (Video; 2013) by Christopher Griffin.
Small contribution to the debate between conspiracy theorists and skeptics based on evolutionary psychology.

Added December 2012

Latest 2012 Prophecy: The End of the New Age is Nigh!
A coldish reflection on a feverish phenomenon.

Added November 2012

Mahatmas versus Ascended Masters
Article by Pablo D. Sender presenting the differences between Theosophical concepts of the Masters and those held by Ascended Master groups. Published in Quest magazine in Summer 2011.

Letters to the editor by Paula Kehoe and Govert Schuller responding to the above article.

Dr. Schuller and B. de Spinoza
Article by W. Meijer originally published in the Dutch literary magazine De Navorscher in 1897 about the identity of the doctor present at Spinoza's death.

Added November 2012

The Master
A film by Paul Thomas Anderson. Loosely based on the life of Ron L. Hubbard, founder of Sceintology. Review by the editor.

Added January 2012

Statement by the editor:
As of 2012 the Theosophical assumptions on which this web site is based are indefinitely suspended.
A new, more critical position will be developed.

Added June 2011

The Judge Case. A Conspiracy Which Ruined the Theosophical Cause. Book by Ernest E. Pelletier. Reviewed by Brett Forray for Theosophical History. Forray addresses the weaknesses and biases of this massive study. (Pelletier's response; editor's remarks)

Black Sun: Aryan Cults, Esoteric Nazism and the Politics of Identity. Book by Nicholas Goodrick-Clarke. Reviewed by Joseph P. Szimhart for Cultic Studies Journal. "... about the proliferation of fascist ideology in post-war culture, especially since 1990. ... weaves in and out of occult beliefs and myths without falling prey to exaggeration or fascination.

Denouement of the Prophets’ Cult: The Church Universal and Triumphant in Decline. Article by Joseph P. Szimhart. Critical account by ex-member with historical overview, including the group's roots in Theosophy, the I AM movement, Agni Yoga and other esoteric organizations.

Theosophy and Culture: Nicholas Roerich by Anita Stasulane. Reviewed by Joseph P. Szimhart for Cultic Studies Journal. "... remarkably even-handed job delineating essential aspects of the Roerich approach to theosophy and culture at large."

400 Years of Imaginary Friends: A Journey into the World of Adepts, Masters, Ascended Masters, and Their Messengers by Kenneth & Talita Paolini. Reviewed by Joseph P. Szimhart for Cultic Studies Journal. "... a well-informed, though critical, ex-member’s view of Church Universal and Triumphant and related groups."

The Church Universal and Triumphant: Elizabeth Clare Prophet's Apocalyptic Movement by Bradley C.Whitsel. Reviewed by Joseph P. Szimhart for Cultic Studies Journal. An overall balanced, informative, but also somewhat dry, academic study. Maybe the best so far.

Lambs to Slaughter: My Fourteen Years with Elizabeth Clare Prophet and Church Universal Triumphant by John Joseph Pietrangelo, Jr. Reviewed by Joseph P. Szimhart for Cultic Studies Journal. "This is a story about manipulated devotion and mind control from the perspective of a former true believer. It is also an intimate look at a prophet-guru during her formative years as the leader of her own marginal religious movement."

When Scholars Know Sin: Alternative Religions and Their Academic Supporters. Paper by by Stephen A. Kent and Theresa Krebs addressing the moral and methodological issues involved when scholars get too close to their subject of study, for example J. R. Lewis and J. Gordon Melton's study Church Universal and Triumphant In Scholarly Perspective.

Added April 2011

The Theosophical Society and Labour and National Movements in Indonesia, 1913-1918. Article by Herman de Tollenaere. Short paper on the relationship between Theosophists and political movements in Indonesia.

The limits of liberalism and of Theosophy:colonial Indonesia and the German Weimar republic, 1918-1933. Article by Herman de Tollenaere "... about parallels and links to, and differences with, the religio-philosophical tendency of Theosophy" and political liberalism.

Marx and Engels on Spiritualism and Theosophy. Article by Herman de Tollenaere for Theosophical History. Short paper on how Theosphists and Marxists saw each other.

Added March 2011

Bibliography of Parapolitical Studies
A collection of academic studies, journalistic investigations, amateur sleuthings and ideological contributions from conservative, libertarian, liberal and Marxist writers.

Added February 2011

Jean Overton Fuller’s Response to Govert Schuller Regarding the Krishnamurti-Scott-Anrias Issue. Discussing the possible sources of David Anrias' critique of Krishnamurti. Originally published in Theosophical History.

Added January 2011

A spirited story of the psychic and the Colonel : Henry Steel Olcott had expected to scoff at Madame Blavatsky's séance, but he stayed on to help found The Theosophical Society
Article by Edward Hower for the Smithsonian.

Review of E.L. Gardner's booklet No religion higher than truth in which the controversial case was made that C.W. Leadbeater was not really clairvoyant, but victim to Kriyashakti, or the power of imaginary projection.

In Search of 'Shambha-la' and the Aryan Lamas: The Tibet images of the theosophists, occultists, Nazis and neo-Nazis
By Dr. Martin Brauen. Chapter from Dreamworld Tibet: Western Illusions.

Link to: Journal of Alternative Spiritualities and New Age Studies. Official journal of the Alternative Spiritualities and New Age Studies Association (ASANAS), an "informal network of academics from many disciplines conducting research."

Bibracte: Last Center of Celtic Occultism
By Govert Schuller. Short article on Blavatsky's perception of this Celtic stronghold and the author's own connection with it.

The Seven Theosophical Principles: An Initial Experiential Grounding in Reflective Experience. Small essay by Govert Schuller using some philosophical concepts to add an experiential dimension to the seven Theosophical principles.

Added December 2010

Debunking a New Age Myth-A Call for Discernment
Article by Govert Schuller on Jim Kenney's lecture at The Theosophical Society on the questionable nature of the 2012 phenomenon.

Added July 2010

Jean Overton Fuller, Master Narayan, and the Krishnamurti-Scott-Anrias Issue. Full text of article released on Alpheus about a relatively unknown but quite important Theosophical master and his alleged identification by Jean Overton Fuller. All in the context of the Krishnamurti-Scott-Anrias issue, which is about two English Theosophists passing on contested Mahatmic evaluations of the metaphysical status of Krishnamurti and the esoteric soundness of his teachings.

Academe and Esotericism: The Problem of Authority. Talk presented by Richard Smoley at the Association for the Study of Esotericism at Davis, California in June 2006. The author makes the case that academicians are unnecessarily reticent in partaking of experiences enabled by the esoteric tradition. It is as if, he states, academia is collecting and classifying all printed works about wine, but never venturing into tasting it and have a first-hand experience of its many facets.

The State of the TS (Adyar) in 2008: A Psycho-esoteric Interpretation. Article by Govert Schuller arguing that Adyar Theosophists are still suffering from a variation of post-traumatic stress disorder triggered by the failed world teacher project with Krishnamurti.


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