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Regarding the Ascended Masters
Source Materials

Regarding the Ascended Masters

The term Ascended Masters will be used for those Masters and groups, who identify themselves as such. These groups include .... [continued]


The Masters and Their Emissaries: From H.P.B. to Guru Ma and Beyond
Pamphlet by Govert Schuller tracing the lineage of the Masters' emissaries in chronological order. [72KB]

An Introduction to Ascended Master Teachings with Comparisons to Vedanta. Article by David Tame laying out some relatively new Ascended Master concepts, for example the Ascension and the I AM Presence, and making comparisons with Vedic concepts like Samadhi and Atman.

Beyond Guru Ma: New Challenges; New Position
Temporary positioning of the editor in the Ascended Master movement. Replaces the former "Statement about The Temple of the Presence."

When Scholars Know Sin: Alternative Religions and Their Academic Supporters. Paper by by Stephen A. Kent and Theresa Krebs addressing the moral and methodological issues involved when scholars get too close to their subject of study, for example J. R. Lewis and J. Gordon Melton's study Church Universal and Triumphant In Scholarly Perspective.

Mahatmas versus Ascended Masters
Article by Pablo D. Sender presenting the differences between Theosophical concepts of the Masters and those held by Ascended Master groups. Published in Quest magazine in Summer 2011.

Letters to the editor by Paula Kehoe and Govert Schuller responding to the above article.

Source Materials

A History of Ascended Master Activities
A condensed historical paper by Allen Buresz similar to The Masters and Their Emissaries

Messengers and Organizations: Successes and Crises
A skeletal presentation of some research done on the dynamics of the coming and going of messengers.

The Seven Principles of Man
Comparison of Theosophical and Ascended Master terms in a conveniently arranged table

Ascended Master Dictations
Dictations in text format coming from The Temple of the Presence.

Ascended Master Dictations
Dictations in text and audio format coming from The Hearts Center


22 Days at the T.O.P.
A communication by the author David Tame about his experiences at a conference of the Temple of the Presence.


See separate page.


Kuthumi on Selfhood
Review by M.R. Jaqua of volume 12 of the 'Pearls of Wisdom,' containing most of the 1969 dictations given through Elizabeth Clare Prophet.

Response to Jacqua Review
Based on an e-mail discussion with M.R. Jacqua, reviewer of Kuthumi on Selfhood.

Prophet's Daughter
Review of Prophet's Daughter: My Life with Elizabeth Clare Prophet inside the Church Universal and Triumphant by Erin Prophet. Review by Govert Schuller at Alpheus.

400 Years of Imaginary Friends: A Journey into the World of Adepts, Masters, Ascended Masters, and Their Messengers by Kenneth & Talita Paolini. Reviewed by Joseph P. Szimhart for Cultic Studies Journal.

The Church Universal and Triumphant: Elizabeth Clare Prophet's Apocalyptic Movement by Bradley C.Whitsel. Reviewed by Joseph P. Szimhart for Cultic Studies Journal.

Lambs to Slaughter: My Fourteen Years with Elizabeth Clare Prophet and Church Universal Triumphant by John Joseph Pietrangelo, Jr. Reviewed by Joseph P. Szimhart for Cultic Studies Journal.


The I AM Activity
Founded by Guy and Edna Ballard in the 1930s.

Bridge to Freedom
Site run by the Ascended Master Teaching Foundation, which publishes the legacy of Geraldine Innocente.

Church Universal and Triumphant
Founded in 1975 by Elizabeth Clare Prophet. A continuation of The Summit Lighthouse, founded by Mark Prophet in 1958.

The Temple of the Presence
Founded by Monroe and Carolyn Shearer in 1995.

The Torch Bearers of the Temple
Inaugurated by Saint Germain in 1999.

Ascension Research Center
An independent student research project to stimulate interest in the Ascended Master Teachings. Maintained by Allen Buresz.

Ask the Real Jesus & Shangra-la
Ask was founded by Kim Michaels and Shangra-la by Lorraine Michaels in 2002. As of 2009 both have gone their own way.

New Wisdom University
Founded by Marsha Covington in 2003.

The Hearts Center
Founded by David Lewis in 2005.




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