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An Exposť of False Teachings


Pearls of Wisdom, Vol. 19, no. 5
(Corwin Springs, MT: Summit University Press, 1976)

Relevant Paragraphs regarding Alice Bailey and Krishnamurti

The Ascended Masters are the authority of the true teacher and the true messenger. We release the energy, the light, the teaching, the initiations, and the discipline to and through our representatives. If at any time the teacher or the messenger who has surrendered his human will to the divine will should elect to take back that human will, our dispensation will terminate. The light and the electrodes would be withdrawn and the trained disciple would receive the certain sign of hierarchy that the instrument had become a dry reed, hollow and without the authentic vibration and backing of the entire Spirit of the Great White Brotherhood.

Therefore, you need not confound yourself with the foolishness of the carnal mind-with its critical and analytical questioning devoid of the Spirit. Stand beneath the waterfall and receive unreservedly the flow of the hierarchy of Aquarius that comes through our embodied messengers. When the waterfall ceases to flow, move on; for hierarchy will not be stopped. We will open another stream and prepare a channel for the crystal-clear waters of life.

In the past we have had to withdraw our support from those who were given the opportunity to represent us. The one who for a time had the opportunity of representing the master Djwal Kul soon lost that authority through intellectual pride and the brittleness of the lower mental body, which can never be the channel of the mind of God. Thus I expose to you the false teachings subtly woven into the work of Alice Bailey, whose failure to surrender totally rendered her unfit as an instrument of the Tibetan Master.

The way of the intellect is not the path of the Buddha or of the chohans of the rays. It should not be the path of their chelas. Now the masters of the Far East must seek to undo the harm that has been done to their chelas by the Lucis Trust organization, which claims our backing but has it not at all. Alice Bailey, due to her lack of surrender to the will of God, never passed the final initiations which would have qualified her as our amanuensis. Nevertheless, the intellect, in its attempt to portray hierarchy, is prolific.

Another who was selected to take the training for the calling of representing the World Teachers and the coming Buddha, Lord Maitreya, the one who wrote At the Feet of the Masters under the pen name Alcyone, also failed the test of the intellect and of the subtleties of spiritual pride. Today Krishnamurti, denounced by the Brotherhood, denounces the true teachers and the path of initiation, proclaiming that the individual needs only himself and that this is the only God there is. Leading thousands of youth in the direction of sophisticated disobedience to the God within, to Christ the inner mentor, and to the masters of the Brotherhood, this fallen one has been the instrument of a philosophy that is not and does not in any way represent the true teachings of the Great White Brotherhood.

Once the vibration of the Great White Brotherhood and the vibration of an authentic messenger is recognized by the chelas on the Path, they will discern the heavy astral vibrations of the false teachers and their teachings. In the meantime, we pray earnestly for their deliverance from the temptation of the glamour and the maya which surround the personality who has set himself in the seat of authority in place of the one true God. These are examples of those who have usurped the mind of God and the wisdom of the Mother.

Both schools which have grown up around these ones who fell short of the mark of their high calling, present calculated and cunning detours for souls searching for truth. Now we see the burden of the masters who have sponsored these and other chelas who have subsequently failed. They are burdened with an enormous responsibility to correct the errors of those who speak in their name, yet have neither the authority nor the light emanation of our office.

[From: Kuthumi, “An Exposť of False Teachings,” Pearls of Wisdom, Vol. XIX, no.5, pp.28-29. Copyright © 1976, Summit University Press, P.O. Box 5000, Corwin Springs, Montana 59030-5000. (406) 848-9891. Web site: http://www.tsl.org.]



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