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Chapter IX in Through the Eyes of the Masters: Meditations and Portraits (London: Routledge, 1932, 2nd Ed. 1936, 3rd Ed. 1947) by David Anrias [Brian Ross], pp. 65-69. Full text of message by the Lord Maitreya including portrait.


Maitreya by David Anrias


Known to Christians as the Christ, to the Orient as the Bodhi-sattva, to the Mohameddans as the Iman Madhi. Appeared in India as Shri Krishna, in Palestine as Christ, in Great Britain as St. Patrick, whose etheric body he now holds. Resides in the Himalayas.  His office is that of World Teacher.  He presides over the destiny of great religions.



Those, my son, who would have me appear in this age as I appeared in Palestine, have failed even to visualize the possibility that I might be limited by Karma in the choice of my medium. For I who hold the office of World Teacher am only permitted to use a physical body selected by the Lords of Karma, and one which needs must express the characteristics of the zodiacal sign of the future cycle, rather than those of the sign through which I manifested two thousand years ago.

As you have already realized, the essential difference between the Age which is passing and the Age which is being born, is that Man is learning to leave the world of the emotions in order to enter the kingdom of the mind. The whole of the Western civilization was tending in that direction before Krishnamurti was officially pronounced to be my future medium. Within the limits of his consciousness, untrained in many respects for the difficult task of a Spiritual Teacher, I endeavoured to set the future course whereby



Man might follow me to those still higher regions where intuition is enthroned.

You who have studied the horoscope of Krishnamurti know that he is incapable of compromising with the past; also that he was reinforced in his seemingly destructive work by those great Devas of the Air, who, under direction of the Lords of Karma, are helping Man to polarize himself towards spiritual rather than material conquests.

In order to co-operate more completely with the Devas, Krishnamurti took initiations along their line of evolution. The essential nature of these Devas, used as agents of the Great Law, being perforce impersonal and detached, it came by degrees to influence his whole point of view, making him appear unsympathetic and even inhuman. Furthermore, since he had attained these initiations in the causal body by a positive effort of consciousness, it became all but impossible for him to be used any longer as my medium.

Every astrological sign has its limitations, and that of the Aquarian is the tendency to become too introspective and self-sufficient, thereby losing contact with other types of men and their lines of development.


Thus although Krishnamurti was right to emphasize the necessity for independent thought, he was wrong in assuming that everyone else, regardless of past Karma and present limitations, could instantly reach that point which he himself had only reached through lives of effort, and by the aid of those Cosmic Forces apportioned to him solely for his office as Herald of the New Age.

Since by thus in a sense over-reaching his mark my erstwhile medium has brought confusion and bewilderment to the minds of many, it may be thought that this should not only have been foreseen but prevented by the Higher Ones.

Foreseen by Them it undoubtedly was; but it was not their province to deflect the workings of the Law. It is never for Them to forestall mistakes, if by such mistakes growth may be furthered, but to turn the outcome, wherever possible, to good.

What may arise from the present wreckage of broken shibboleths, traditions and beliefs, from doubt, chaos and soul anguish, is a new-found determination on the part of the individual to school himself to acquire those faculties which shall enable him to attain by his


own efforts a unique and personal contact with the Masters and with God.

Henceforth I come not solely through groups with recognized officials, through organizations rendering me what is often no more than lip-service in their assumptions of Brotherhood; I come to each and all who love me, no matter of what race, class or creed. The greatness of their need of me, the strength of their desire to see me, shall be the measure of their power to see me. The peasant in the Swiss mountains; the scientist in his laboratory; the artist dreaming of his creation; the mystic and the psychologist; the spiritualist and the musician--to these and many others I come if their intuition, their inner vision be true enough to recognize me, if there be in their hearts That which responds to the Love which eternally flows forth to them from mine.

Verily has it been proclaimed throughout the ages that God is Love--Love the very essence of the Absolute; so that even those things which men look upon as emanation from the Dark Forces are but one aspect of that Love which ever seeks to draw all into fusion with Itself.


Therefore by this Power which I hold, this Power of Almighty Love, seek I to draw the hearts of men into unity with that Good, that Happiness, which is for all men the goal, no matter what name they ascribe to it, no matter under what guise and seeming it appears to them. The ways of search be manifold, but on each of these I am ready to meet my own.

And through these my own will I speak, will I walk amongst men when the hour strikes; not confined to one recognized medium or vehicle, but where-ever the light of aspiration is kindled within a heart, there is my medium, there my vehicle.















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